Tuesday 08.06.13

“Lieutenant Murphy”

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Push-ups
200 Butterfly sit-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.

Compare to 11.15.12

(Happy 30th Shawntae! ….gotta love HIIT dudes!)
no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


    1. You are awesome. I saw this and decided on 5 mile run instead. 🙂 I am going to do some push ups and sit ups a little later. 2 more days 😛

  1. 34:30
    Tmill (7:50 min/mile)
    Sub'd bfsu with 200 rehab exercises for diastasis recti
    150 sumo squats & 150 squats with one elevated leg on a stair (for variety 🙂 )

  2. 53:32
    1 mile run
    5 rounds of:
    20 push-ups (2 rds bpu)
    40 bfsu
    60 squats
    1 mile walk/run

  3. Took me a total of 1 hour. I had a 3rd grader to get off to school while I did this. I ran the first mile in 10:41, and I only had time for .41 miles for the second run. I did ALL the push-ups, sit-ups and squats 🙂

  4. 44:40 what a killer workout! My legs felt so funny as I started the last mile.

  5. 37:38 compared to 42:06 in Nov.

    Broke up everything into 4 rounds like last time. Happy with the improvement.

    Than ran 3 miles

  6. Wow! I feel really slow!
    I only did half the workout and it took me 26 min!
    Ran .5 mile
    5 sets of:
    10 push-ups
    20 sit-ups
    30 squats
    Ran .5 mile
    Whew! Oh, and I found out today using Endomondo, that one time around my yard is exactly a .25 mile. Awesome!

  7. 34:15

    I did the original Murphy

    Run 1 mile
    100 pull ups (kipping)
    200 push ups (all boy)
    300 squats

    Run 1 mile

  8. 59 min. What a way to come back from an eating vacation! Slow but glad to be back. I L O V E these workouts & will follow them no matter what they are called! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  9. Wahoo!!! 30 is not old!!!
    HIIT Mamas Northglenn
    Shawntae 35:19 bpu
    Jen 34:44 bpu
    Jina 31:40 gpu
    Holly 40:40 gpu
    Robin 34:35 gpu-real murph
    Riley 44:44 bpu
    Janel 1/2
    Courtney modified

  10. I am joining in for the first time. I scaled the workout, because it is my second day. Since I am new I also didn't keep time. I ran the miles and did 25 GPU, 50 BSU and 75 squats. I am pleased that I stuck with it even though I was slow and sluggish. I am strong and getting stronger. Thanks!

  11. 54:20 Cross country run with a hill I call heart attack hill, all full body pushups all butt to floor squats! With my awesome 11 y/o son Grant who said it was the hardest workout of his life! Thanks!!!!

  12. 39:35 7.5 min first mile, 8.25 min second mile. Broke up middle into 5 rounds

  13. 60:14 as rx'd (on vacation in 6500' altitude- that justifies why I was slow right?)
    Broke up the middle into 5 rounds-
    20 PushUps
    40 BFSUs
    60 Squats

  14. 37:13
    I've been kind of slacking lately. That was the butt kicking I needed!

  15. Didn't get it timed, since 1 year old woke up part way through and I had to break it up. But I got through the whole thing plus a 5 mile run (43 min).

  16. I am subscribed to the emails (through the old blog name) but I haven't got emails in the last two days since the name change. I tried to subscribe again, but it said I was already a subscribed.

  17. A lot of us had the same idea! I broke mine into 5 rounds. The push-ups were easier today. 44:20. Oh, and instead of running (kids everywhere) I did 10 minutes on the bike for the running, so 20 minutes total.

  18. 46:33
    7:07 first mile- PR
    8:45 second mile- legs were jello
    I felt so dizzy at the end. I hate that feeling because it isn't something you can just power through.
    After 225 squats on Friday and 100 squats yesterday, those 300 were tough.
    My time in November was 37:37 but I wasn't doing butterfly sit-ups and I wasn't doing butt to floor squats. I pushed hard today so I'm ok with that time.

    Chris- 42:00
    First run 7:30
    Second run 8:45

  19. 34:08 modifIed b/c on vacation with a group and had to squeeze in between excursions

    1 mile run

    50 GPU
    100 BSU
    150 squats

    1 mile run

  20. Around 41:00ish….got caught by talkative neighbor during last round/run 🙁
    Broke up into 4 rounds….next time need to time distance and runs more carefully

  21. 34:49
    Ran 1 mile
    100 push ups
    Broke sit-ups and squats into sets of 50
    Ran out of time before work so took the double stroller out for a mile run in the evening…..so need to add 10 min to above time.

  22. 42:15 whew holy crap! Took the dog running with me and even he was screaming uncle on that last mile!!

  23. 53:33

    Time not so great, but to be honest the fact that I actually completed this is what counts! The entire time was a battle with my mind that kept telling me to quit but I didn't!
    Split the push ups, sit ups and squats into 3 sets
    First mile done in 10 min flat
    Last mile was more walk/jog/sprint as I was getting a bit dizzy with double vision . . . (dehydrated?) so it took me a little over 12 min

    toughest wod I've done so far!

  24. 45:28 (plus ~5min untimed breaks)

    1st mile: 9:59
    PU, SU, Squats: 22:40
    2nd mile: 10:49

    had to walk home ~0.25mi after the 1st mile and a 2 minute break before the 2nd run….

  25. I gave myself a 50 minute time limit to complete this BEAST WOD and I finished just as my timer hit 49 minutes. I was thrilled and overjoyed as I fell to my mat!! It wasn't pretty but I felt like wonder woman afterwards.

  26. Sooo….loving this! First day and I got through it! Thought I was going to throw up at the end, but totally stoked I got through the whole thing. Post baby belly/ hips/thighs are on they're way out the door.

    Broke it up into 4 sets with a 15-20 sec. rest in between:
    Push-ups (girl kind): 25
    Sit ups: 50
    Squats (oh geez…the ol legs are going to be killing tomorrow): 75
    Run 1 and 2: used the elliptical

  27. 44:25
    Inside workout thanks to the Texas temp of 103 today. Didn't break it up. 9:00 mile, 20 bpu with hands in closer to body 80 gpu, all squats butt to ground. Wanted to quit around 100, but didn't. My legs are now jelly!

  28. 39:58 broke into 10 rounds of 10 pushups, 20 situps and 30 squats. Probably should have done 5 rounds and bumped up the #s but this one was tough!!!

  29. Didn't time the runs, but they were mostly walks today with my kids. Rest of the ex's took 29:38. Broke it up in fourths.

  30. My plan was to get thru this in 45 min. My time was 44:59! Did 10 rounds of 10 pu, 20 su, and 30 squats. Couldn't' get thru sit ups so ended up doing half knees to elbows.

  31. Is anyone on here from the Colorado Springs area and looking for a workout partner?

  32. 47:40
    Switched to girl push-ups after 20, and I know I didn't do all the squats, I lost count, I think I did somewhere around 260 or so.

    Didn't quite finish the last mile. Probably won't wait until the afternoon to go running outside again.

  33. 41:06. Broke it up into 5 rounds of 20 pu, 40 su, 60 sq.
    Actually ended up running 1.5 miles the 1st run due to my distance miscalculation so the last run was only .5 miles. I wouldve run a full 1 miles on the 2nd run but i had a time constraint & i already started late. Nothing like pushing myself to go faster when i have to be somewhere soon. I think i wouldve been slower if i had my usual workout block of time.

  34. 40:30. Guessed on mile distance – ran hills.

    25 gpu, 50 bsu, 50 sq, 25 gpu, 50 bsu, 100 sq, 25 gpu, 50 bsu, 50 sq, 13 gpu, 25 bsu, 50 sq, 12 gpu, 25 bsu, 50 sq. It would have been easier to split it into 5 rounds to start with. 🙂 (20/40/60)

  35. 45:51

    Did 10 rounds of 10 push ups, 20 modified sit ups for diastasis, and 30 squats. Pushed the jogging stroller the last mile and I was craaaawling! Lol!

    I had originally set a 50 min goal, the adjusted to 47 min and was happy I finished just under 46! That week I took off when I was out of town really messed up the progress I was making. I'm looking toward to getting back tks

    1. ….to where I was and improving more!!!

      I LOVE these workouts!!! Thank you Jenni!!

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