Tuesday 07.16.13


3 rounds for time of:
15 Hang power clean, 20 lbs
15 Burpees

Compare to 08.01.12

Post time to comments.

Califit Mama Marlene

“I am a 41-year old mother of 2 c-section babies that are now ages 8 and 10.
 I totally lost myself and gained 50 pounds in the 5 years after they were
born.  I have lost the weight by doing Weight Watchers (I hate to track
and count points), P90X (takes too long) and most recently running a 1/2
marathon (just running is boring and my upper body got soft) in the last 4
years. I get bored so quickly I have trouble sticking with anything.  That’s why
I LOVE your blog.  Always something different, short enough to complete
before waking the kids and always a challenge.  In the 8 weeks since I
found your blog on Pinterest I have lost 2″ from bust, waist and belly,
1″ from hips and my arms and legs are much more toned. Thank you!” -Mbrous2

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 6:42 as RX'd
    Added abs and a run after

    Way to go, Marlene!!

  2. 7:50 with a 20 lb dumbell – had to answer the phone in the middle of the 2nd round.

  3. 6:37 with 40 lbs for hanging power cleans.
    3 mile run before workout (slow)

  4. 6:42
    Thanks, Jenni, for the recognition. I forgot I had sent these to you. What a surprise to see this morning. I'm still loving every wod you post

  5. 4:54
    Subbed lat pull downs w/ no weight
    modified burpees and thought it was 10 reps/round…

    1.6 km power walk after wod.

  6. 5:30 as rx'd
    feeling yesterday's workout!

    Good job Marlene 🙂

  7. 7:26
    45lb hang cleans
    That was a lot harder than I thought it would be
    Great job Marlene!!

  8. 8:35 as rx'd
    Gotta love the sweat running down my face after 8 minutes!

  9. 8:50
    25# hang power clean
    Burpees were so slow today.

    I also did last Wednesdays wod since I was out of town and didn't have access to any equipment.

  10. Cf Mamas Northglenn

    Shawntae 4:57
    Kiyah 5
    Chalar 8:02
    Robyn 4:50
    Jina 4:50
    Riley 5:44
    Jane 6:19
    Janel 5:21
    Karissa 7:28
    Megan 5:58
    Holly 5:09

  11. 5:50 24# full jump/bpu burpees. Then 7/12 wod then 7/15 wod then group power class.

  12. Guess I'm the slow one for today!
    12:45. Used 30# for the hang cleans. Very sore from yesterday's work out. I guess that's what I get for missing the past 2 weeks.!

  13. 7:10

    14#- still not sure I'm doing these right, feels too easy.

    last 2 sets were 5 burpees and 10 mt climbers- can't breathe during burpees, find myself holding my breath!

  14. forgot to start the timer before our workout but my 13 year old did a great job!!! She finished all three rounds with added 15 jumping pull ups (she did push press with a 15 lds dumb bell instead of power cleans)before I started my thirs round! So proud of her!!!

  15. 5:29 with 40lb hang power cleans. Started with 65lb, but had to decrease part of the way thru 1st round, just not feeling it after a couple hours rowing a boat just before WOD.

  16. 5:02 45# bar. Ran hills this morning w/ kids. 1st hill jog, walk/jog back down, then 4 sprints up/walk down, 3 back peddling up/walk down.

  17. 8:33
    20# hang clean
    Chest to ground burpees rd 1-2
    Rd 3 burpees to plank

  18. Yesssss Marlene!!!

    6:10, 40# (did full squat first round hang cleans-duh-whipped into shape on rounds 2 & 3)

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