Thursday 06.13.13


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Handstand push-ups (use scaling)
7 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
10 Thrusters, 20 lbs

Post rounds completed to comments.

In honor of Spc. Nicholas E. Turner from the 484th MP Co. 
whose life was lost tragically, 2 months after returning from Afghanistan.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 11 rounds + hspu on 12th round.
    Started with feet on countertop through 7 rounds then switched to most basic modification.
    Pullups were with band (1 unassisted)

  2. Nice job Denise! I will have to do this one when I get back in town. 🙂 Headed out for another beach run. It's already really hot here!

    1. Awesome-I wish I was able to do beach running! Enjoy the vacation! And-thanks 🙂

  3. 11 rounds + 5 hspu on 12th round.
    Feet Hooke on back of arm chair with knees bent for hspu. Need to look at how to modify these but that felt hard enough for me!
    Pu assisted with band. (1 unassisted!)
    Awesome wo!!

  4. 11 rounds in 20:38 of hspu's on 18" box, 20# thrusters and then 15 "pull-ups" with resistance band (no pull-up bar).

  5. Julia ~ do you have a jogging stroller or a wagon?
    I tried to go early in the morning and time my run to coincide with the library opening. I gave them healthy snacks (or breakfast) to eat on the way there. Take a pause to get some books – then jump back in and they would entertain themselves with the books they got. Or I'd just give them books and some toys and not go to the library at all. Sometimes we got a little crazy and I gave them water guns to squirt on our little excursions.

    As my oldest got older and could ride faster I let him ride his bike while I pushed (or pulled as the case may be) the younger ones (I kept the baby in a backpack carrier, like those for hiking, until babe was too heavy).

    Now all this is not always conducive to running the pace you want to – I was in the Marine Corps so I had to run, and even running like this helped me keep, and improve, my times because it is tough to push, pull, or carry extra while running and you feel like you're flying when you run without it all!

    PS: I had to come with rules about throwing or dropping books/toys out or else you can wind up stopping every few minutes to pick up a toy (but hey you could always turn it into a fartlick if you wanted by doing an exercise every time they drop/throw something out). I got a bag and everything that was dropped was mine and they couldn't have it the rest of the day. They dropped less and less and less.

    Sorry to be so long-winded!!

    1. The snacks & books idea is super helpful! As is going when they first wake up. Thanks!

    2. Wow, I didn't even know running with a baby hiking pack was possible. I have a 7 month old, 2 year old, 5 year old, 7 yo, 9yo and what works best for me is getting up at 5 to run before they wake up or turning on a movie and running on the treadmill if they are awake. I have a jogging stroller but I've never used it for jogging! 🙂

  6. I ended up do 11 rounds. But, I had to do all gpu's since I have not gotten past those (becoming a bit frustrated with myself about that, apaparently my upper body strength is NONE)

  7. 10 rounds
    Hspu with knees on back of sofa (28")
    Chair assist pull-up
    35# thrusters

  8. 12 + HSPU – PU- 6 thrusters
    HSPU were partial depth but got deeper each round
    PU on rack- still no bar
    25# thrusters

  9. On vacation in Mexico! I did the "Deck of Death" workout from Pinterest. 19:56. It hot here too

  10. 11 rounds

    unmodified HSPU–I can't touch my head to the floor yet so I put one ab mat under my head.

    unmodified pull ups on bar

    35 lb thrusters

  11. 13 rounds + 5 push ups
    regular push ups
    band assisted pull ups (hooked resistance band to pull up bar and stood on band like a homemade assisted pull up machine)
    30 lb thruster

  12. 15 rounds with a 2-3 min break due to a crying baby
    All HSPU on dresser
    Pull ups: first 2 rounds did all 7 unassisted
    Rounds 3-12 did 3 unassisted rest chair assisted
    Rounds 12-15 did 2 unassisted rest chair assisted
    Thrusters as rxd

  13. 12 rounds plus HSPU of next round
    HSPU on floor, reverse pull ups (need to get a band), 30# thrusters

  14. 16 rounds exactly! Modified hspu's and reverse pull ups for pull ups. Whew!

  15. 15 rounds plus pu and pu
    Used 24 inch box for pu
    Did reverse pull ups–still no pull up bar

  16. I'm new to this. This is only my 2nd Wod so I had to modify a lot. Completed 10 rounds
    Round 1-5 did 1st progression HSPU
    Round 5-10 had to do reg PU
    Pull ups: used band… No pull up bar
    Thrusters: Round 1-5 20#
    Round 5-10 10#

  17. 13 full rounds + HSPUs and 2 PUs on 14th

    HSPUs with feet on deep freeze
    Pull ups assisted with band
    thrusters with 20 lbs

  18. Jenni,

    Thank you so much for honoring Spc. Turner. My husband served with him and was close friends with this amazing man. If we could all take a moment and say a prayer for this soldiers family, it would be greatly appreciated.

    11 rounds Rx'd.

  19. I have not done HSPU before. What is the 1st progression modification?

  20. 15 rounds assisted squats in place of thrusters (knee)
    Hollow rockers in place of pull ups

  21. 16 round plus 5 pushups
    Formed a v for hspu, reverse pullups
    Hspu are super hard!

  22. 12, hightop counter for pu (one round hubby held my ankles), modified pu

  23. Did this after doing yesterday's WOD. Shoulders are whipped.

    15 rounds plus HSPU from round 16.

    HSPU with one foot on desk.
    Pull ups on bar, one foot assist on way up.
    30lbs for thrusters.

  24. 15 rounds
    Push-ups (bpu rounds 1-5, 9-15; rest gpu)
    Reverse pull-ups on treadmill
    Thrusters as rx'd

  25. 11 Rounds : ) –
    Regular PushUps
    PullUps under treadmill

  26. 12 plus hand stand push-ups
    Modified push-ups with feet on the wall.
    Jumping pull-ups

    Loren- 11 rounds plus HSPU and jumping pull-ups
    40 lb thrusters

  27. 10 Rounds in 16:00

    Great Video for the Handstand PU Beginner!
    All Pull Ups were assisted with strongest band!

  28. 13 rounds plus the hspu (modified with feet up on the bunk bed)
    Did a few pull ups but most were jump ups

  29. stopped with 4 minutes left, 9 rounds (felt a weird pop in elbow)
    hspu with knees on couch, jump ups then after round 6 did tricep dips, 14# thrusters

  30. 13 rounds
    Feet/knees on chair for handstand push-up
    Jump up lower down on bar for pull ups

  31. 13 rounds plus push-ups.
    Couldn't do a full hspu so just held it for 15 seconds for the first 5 rounds then had to switch to regular pushups. Tricep dips for pull ups, switched to 10lb thrusters at round 4.

  32. 5 min HIIT burpees
    10 min plank holds/v-ups

    12 rounds with 1:15 left so held wall squat to run out timer
    hspu with feet on 24" plyo box
    Jump/chair assist pu
    3 rounds thrusters @ 40#, rest @ 10#

  33. 7 rounds in 14 mins. Did all boy push ups (my most ever, although not sure I'm going low enough). 1st 2 rounds did tip toe pull ups, rest of rounds did 2-3 from tip toe and rest were reverse.

  34. Completed on 6/15 after group power class. 15 rounds. Tipee toe push ups 80# assist on first 5 sets of pull ups. Then 90#assistance on next 5 rounds and 100# assist on final 5 rounds.

  35. Ran out of time thurs so did this sat. 14 rounds& 4 handstand pushups.
    Handstand pu done leaning against wall @ a diagonal as close upright as possible, very shallow couldnt go very deep.
    Band asstd bar pullups. 20# thrusters

  36. 10 rounds at 20:10. Feet on couch for five rounds, then feet on ball for 3 rounds then gpus for rest. Slow pull downs and thrusters as rxd. Whew!

  37. 2 thrusters short of 13 rounds.

    knee push ups, but this time really tried to get the form they show in the video, with head out in front of hands, usually my head is further back and i found this much harder (worked more triceps I think)
    pull ups horizontal from lower bar, feet on floor
    20# thrusters
    dripping in sweat!

  38. 7ish rounds – list count and was slowed down waiting for pull up machine at the gym.

    Knee push ups with a few knee-on-box hspu thrown in. Used pull-up machine at gym with major assist, thrusters as rx'd.

  39. 1 mile walk/run, then 12 rounds, with bpu's and assisted pull ups. I knew I was going to regret missing so many workouts in a row, but I plan on finishing at least one 90 day challenge, and my sister's wedding is the perfect deadline. 16 days to go!

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