Monday 08.27.12

For time:
15 Thrusters. 30 lbs
Run 200 meters
15 Thrusters. 24 lbs
Run 400 meters
15 Thrusters. 20 lbs
Run 800 meters

 Vail and Madalyn Raymer


  1. 13:13.6
    20# for all thrusters, really need more weights and bars.
    Made up for the weight by doing the runs with my 3 yr and 10 month old in the double jogger.
    3 yr old-35#
    10 month-21#
    Jogger-34#……90# of running weight. I feel like super woman!

  2. 7:35
    2 sets of thrusters with 30lbs and 1 set with 20lbs.
    Running pace 6min/mi

  3. 9:31.
    20lbs thrusters. Run as rx'd. Happy Monday!

  4. 11:44…Very tired and unmotivated – baby decided to only sleep in 1 hour stretches last night 🙁 I only got enough motivation to do the WOD because of everyone else pushing through! Thanks all!
    30#, 30#, 20# thrusters
    Run as Rx'd

  5. 11:45 all 20 lbs. first time doing thrusters wanted to make sure I was good on form.

  6. 11:38 subbed jump rope for runs
    20# – could barely do that weight. you girls are machines doing 30+ !!

  7. 11:14 forgot to post it this morning. As RX'd. Good start to a great week!

  8. 8:57
    Rounds 1 and 2 accidentally did 40lbs thrusters.
    Round 3 20lbs.

  9. 17:45

    45lbs thrusters (bar) all 3 rds
    First time doing thrusters

    Thanks for the blog. Just what I was looking for. Almost signed up for an expensive gym. This is great.
    And my bday is July 20th

  10. Hi! This is my first post but I've been following you for a couple of weeks – great workouts!! 12:13 with 40lb thrusters and 7:30 mile pace runs.

  11. 9:10. Pushed the girls in the jogger. 20 lbs for all. Did this yesterday but forgot to post

  12. Didn't do Thurs or Fri last week so I'm doing Mondays today…this was killer. I think I hated it. 😉

    14:50 – as Rx, but with 25# on 2nd set. I think that's the first time I didn't modify "down." Pretty psyched about that!

    Tried to do today's WOD after this one but that was epic fail. Got through one round and then my legs felt too sore and I didn't want to get injured…

    Glad that's over!

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